Should we pay more if we have more rubbish?

In some cities all over the world, trash collection and recycling services are mandatory. Citizens should comply with the requirements set by the local government. Usually, garbage collection occurs once a week. One should use different types or colors of containers for various kinds of waste.

Aside from community garbage bins, various companies offer the service of skip bins. People can choose from their packages and can negotiate to come up with an arrangement. The typical terms and conditions of skip bins for hired include the following;

  • Additional charges may be applied if the waste falls under the restricted and hazardous category such as paints, oils, asbestos, gas bottles, chemical containers and insulation materials.
  • Usually, waste skip bins have a 150 kg per cubic meter weight limit. Likewise, all skip bins have restrictions on what waste materials are acceptable and what are not. Improper disposal of waste to these skip bins will have an additional cost on the hirer’s part.
  • Other companies also charge for extra rubbish of if you exceed the weight limit they set. Waste collectors these days are also charging according to weight or use a pay-by-weight method. Check if your current service provider offers this scheme.
  • Since there is a system of waste separation that garbage collectors are using, make sure that you follow them. Use color-coded containers and segregate the waste accordingly.
  • To avoid extra charges, if you have a large volume of rubbish to dispose of, bring it to landfill sites or civic amenity centers. Carpets, broken appliances, mattresses and furniture fall in this category.
  • If not, consider recycling. There are some recycling facilities where you can bring recyclable household wastes. Food wastes, plant clippings, wood dust, and eggshells could be decomposed to cut down on domestic waste.

In some cases, household waste bins have no weight limit but tend to become pricier. Likewise, some garbage collectors could refuse to accept the waste if it fills above the rim or if it includes liquid wastes and hazardous materials. Hence, manage your waste properly to avoid paying for extra charges.

While some companies offer free services for excess garbage, some will charge you for additional fees especially if they will give you extra trash containers to accommodate all your rubbish. The prices depend as well so don’t forget to ask providers first about it so you can be sure.

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