Good work ethics for commercial builders

Work ethics are the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward. It is a belief in the moral benefit and the importance of had wok and its inherent ability to strengthen character. It is not how one feels about their job but how one does his or her job. It involves attitude, behaviour, respect, communication and interactions.  They come from within a person. In this article, I am going to discuss in detail some of the good work ethics that one must possess to be considered virtuous.  These good work ethics relate to each other one way or the other. This is no different to the work ethics that are desirable for commercial builders.

Dedication is very important when working, it involves one being committed to their work. If you are dedicated you will be able to produce good in their jobs. In construction for example a dedicated worker will work in a faster pace and do his best to achieve their tasks. If workers are dedicated there are lower chances or it is highly unlikely that they will produce substandard products as they put all their effort in what they do. Dedication also includes people coming to work early, attending any meeting, doing good customer services such as helping customers in selecting of products. Dedication comes with positive attitude, there are basically two types of people that can be found at work. The ones with a I do not care attitude and the ones with positive attitudes. Research has shown that people with positive attitudes are more likely to do good at work and most employees desire this characteristic in their employees.

Respect for self and others including colleagues and customers is very important as a work ethic. If you respect other people you will find it easy for them to cooperate. Customers might forget the pace you built their double storey at but will never forget any disrespect that you showed and that won’t be good for the company’s reputation. Respect includes listening and taking orders from your supervisors, reporting incidents at work, treating clients with kindness and respecting client’s choice and their rights for example right to be informed and right to complain.

Workers should demonstrate professionalism always. This includes following the policies and procedures of a work place and acting in a way that is ethically justifiable. An example can be policies that say no phones and this gener4ally means if you use your phone whilst at work it will be breaching this ethic. Professionalism will give a good picture of a company and will also promote consistency in the services provided.

Cooperation and collaboration with other workers is very important as team work is good when people want to achieve a task. When people cooperate, they will be less disagreements and if any arise they will solve them peacefully and this saves a lot of company time and saves resources. A good worker is a self-starter and good communicator. Communication is a good aid to facilitate work. When there is effective communication there are less chances that any ,mistakes are going to made in production.

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