Why safety at a construction site is important

With growth of major cities and towns everyday there is a new building or project being constructed. There is need for more buildings to be constructed as the population keeps growing every year and new businesses and residential homes are constructed to cater for this. Most people see construction as the most hazardous task but because of the precautions taken in construction sites the risks are low. Let’s discuss the reasons why it is important for the construction site to be safe or practice safety precautions.

Firstly, and most importantly they need to protect their workers and the public. It is important that the workers are in good health and state as if this is not accomplished it can cause long term effects such as back pain and some cancers due to the processes done at the construction site. If the construction site is safe it can avoid some work-related deaths. In the past workers used to die in construction sites as no strict precautions were practiced. Most were caused by falling from tall buildings and this either led to death or permanent injury. The site must be safe otherwise they will have to pay workers compensation if their workers are to be injured at worker and this often very costly for most companies.

It is also a requirement from the builder’s board that the environment is safe. Safety also includes alerting people of the dangers for example signs for the public not to enter the construction sites. The builders board in each state sets out laws that constructors should be educated on site safety and personal protective equipment should be provided for them.

Furthermore, most accidents that occur in a construction site can be prevented by implementing strict health and safety protocols and ensuring these are followed. The main types of accidents which cause death or serious injury on construction sites include falls, incidents with site vehicles, collapsing materials and contact with overload power lines. Health and safety methods will ensure the construction site has good design, good planning and uses tried and tested safety techniques. Poorly implemented health and safety techniques, design and management can result in accidents, illness and even death.

Projects can be compromised if a serious accident takes place on your site, this could halt progress on the project, angering the client and potentially losing the business.