On the job training

On the job training is employee training at place of work while he or she is doing the actual job. Usually a professional trainer or experienced trainer conducts these types of activities. I remember when I first started my construction career years back I was expected to take part in 2 weeks supervised on the job training to apply my skills that I had learnt during my training. This did not stop there every now and then we are expected to do some on the job training to keep our skills are up to date.

It is the process of teaching an employee to complete the key activities that are needed for the job that they are hired for. On the job training can be done to implement a new system, changed procedure of something, added new task to jobs. Imagine a company you work for implemented a new system of production, will you be comfortable to do the job without receiving any training or demonstration on how to operate this new system. The company can teach one person and the person can be responsible to teach everyone else in different scheduled times. What are the benefits of doing this on the job training?

Conducting training in a separate environment is often avoided by several companies for various reasons. Firstly, it does not waste a lot of time as workers are trained using the equipment they are going to be using in the real job. Usually most people who do not do on the job training even if the same services are done they still need to learn things or activities that are concerned with the specific company. During this time, we can kill many birds with one stone as not only you will learn how to do things but you will get used and feel comfortable in the environment. It is the chance to learn the policies and procedures gradually without any pressure as opposed to when you are working you must comply with these with no fail.

When doing on the job training one has an opportunity to ask questions and to be held by hand throughout the day or process. There is usually a mentor who is allocated to monitor a person when they are new to a job. Without on the job training at times you are confused as of whom to contact for any questions. When doing this training you will get clarification of anything that you do not understand. Prior to on the job training, you can just view a youtube tutorial. For example like the one below on building a brick wall:


It is good for the company as they train the person specifically for their facility for example specific machinery. This will help save a lot of money and resources as they won’t be practicing but doing the actual job and thus adding on to production. When a person does on the job training they are working but at a slower pace but at the end of the end of the day if it’s in a construction company they would have added to the progress made.

On the job training has a couple cons that are associated with it. Firstly, the hired trainer may not be equipped enough to conduct the training. There is a person in a company that might be good in doing their job but not good in teaching someone. Teaching is a skill which is not posed by everyone. It takes more than knowing the information that you need to deliver but also the skill of effectively communicating. Furthermore these on the job trainings are rushed to get it done as soon as possible and workers are often swamped with too much information making it hard to remember.

Good work ethics for commercial builders

Work ethics are the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward. It is a belief in the moral benefit and the importance of had wok and its inherent ability to strengthen character. It is not how one feels about their job but how one does his or her job. It involves attitude, behaviour, respect, communication and interactions.  They come from within a person. In this article, I am going to discuss in detail some of the good work ethics that one must possess to be considered virtuous.  These good work ethics relate to each other one way or the other. This is no different to the work ethics that are desirable for commercial builders.

Dedication is very important when working, it involves one being committed to their work. If you are dedicated you will be able to produce good in their jobs. In construction for example a dedicated worker will work in a faster pace and do his best to achieve their tasks. If workers are dedicated there are lower chances or it is highly unlikely that they will produce substandard products as they put all their effort in what they do. Dedication also includes people coming to work early, attending any meeting, doing good customer services such as helping customers in selecting of products. Dedication comes with positive attitude, there are basically two types of people that can be found at work. The ones with a I do not care attitude and the ones with positive attitudes. Research has shown that people with positive attitudes are more likely to do good at work and most employees desire this characteristic in their employees.

Respect for self and others including colleagues and customers is very important as a work ethic. If you respect other people you will find it easy for them to cooperate. Customers might forget the pace you built their double storey at but will never forget any disrespect that you showed and that won’t be good for the company’s reputation. Respect includes listening and taking orders from your supervisors, reporting incidents at work, treating clients with kindness and respecting client’s choice and their rights for example right to be informed and right to complain.

Workers should demonstrate professionalism always. This includes following the policies and procedures of a work place and acting in a way that is ethically justifiable. An example can be policies that say no phones and this gener4ally means if you use your phone whilst at work it will be breaching this ethic. Professionalism will give a good picture of a company and will also promote consistency in the services provided.

Cooperation and collaboration with other workers is very important as team work is good when people want to achieve a task. When people cooperate, they will be less disagreements and if any arise they will solve them peacefully and this saves a lot of company time and saves resources. A good worker is a self-starter and good communicator. Communication is a good aid to facilitate work. When there is effective communication there are less chances that any ,mistakes are going to made in production.

Why safety at a construction site is important

With growth of major cities and towns everyday there is a new building or project being constructed. There is need for more buildings to be constructed as the population keeps growing every year and new businesses and residential homes are constructed to cater for this. Most people see construction as the most hazardous task but because of the precautions taken in construction sites the risks are low. Let’s discuss the reasons why it is important for the construction site to be safe or practice safety precautions.

Firstly, and most importantly they need to protect their workers and the public. It is important that the workers are in good health and state as if this is not accomplished it can cause long term effects such as back pain and some cancers due to the processes done at the construction site. If the construction site is safe it can avoid some work-related deaths. In the past workers used to die in construction sites as no strict precautions were practiced. Most were caused by falling from tall buildings and this either led to death or permanent injury. The site must be safe otherwise they will have to pay workers compensation if their workers are to be injured at worker and this often very costly for most companies.

It is also a requirement from the builder’s board that the environment is safe. Safety also includes alerting people of the dangers for example signs for the public not to enter the construction sites. The builders board in each state sets out laws that constructors should be educated on site safety and personal protective equipment should be provided for them.

Furthermore, most accidents that occur in a construction site can be prevented by implementing strict health and safety protocols and ensuring these are followed. The main types of accidents which cause death or serious injury on construction sites include falls, incidents with site vehicles, collapsing materials and contact with overload power lines. Health and safety methods will ensure the construction site has good design, good planning and uses tried and tested safety techniques. Poorly implemented health and safety techniques, design and management can result in accidents, illness and even death.

Projects can be compromised if a serious accident takes place on your site, this could halt progress on the project, angering the client and potentially losing the business.

How to choose a construction company

construction people cartoon image

Be it you are building a residential or commercial facility at some point you will need a construction company to undertake this job. There are several construction companies that all seem or claim to provide the same services as the other hence it may be difficult to choose a company for construction of your project. Choosing a good construction company will not only reduce the costs (no wasting of resources) but it will also reduce your level of frustration as you will get what you desire and have less altercations with the construction company. There is no one specific answer in answering the question to how one can choose a good company but it consists of several factors to consider and steps to undertake.

The first thing you need to do is to research on your project that you need to do and know what you want, that way it will make it easier for you to identify the construction company the provides those services. For example, some construction companies solely focus on commercial construction and some residential construction. Furthermore, knowing what you want will help you reduce the costs is you won’t be charged for unnecessary things and it also saves time and material. Consider organising a meeting with different construction companies and have a set of questions prepared for them to answer during the interview. Questions might include the time they take to construct projects and asking for samples of any buildings or structures they have constructed. A good company will have some pictures or good examples.

Some people say consider checking the number of years the company has existed but this does not always work best as some companies are old but not productive or have lost quality services. In this case, I would suggest that you consider the services they have done as some new companies also provide good services as they are trying to penetrate the market.

With advancement in technology viewing company reviews has been made to be accessible. A good company will have good reviews and good website as it is the face of the company. Good companies also have 24/7 reliable customer services. Consider asking friends and family for any references of any construction companies that they have used in the past.

Work with your budget. Of course, no one wants to pay a fortune for services but at times cheaper things compromise the quality of service. If the price is too good to be true then it is. Do not let the price be the only factor that you use to decide as it can be luring by the services will be substandard.

Look for a construction company that provide the services you want and work in the certain location. To avoid high transport costs, it is best to get local construction companies. Finally, go for a company that is environmentally friendly and registered. Environmentally friendly companies are most likely to be conversant on the resources too hence saving you a lot of money.